About Our Project

This is our Global Awareness Project blog, by Rebecca, Neha, and Aline.

Aline is writing this because she is the techie person. But we all got pictures and decided what to write together. Yay!

We are comparing art forms of Greece and India, so this blog is like a small virtual museum. Just scroll down to see more, because there is a LOT.

The widgets on the sides are for you to have an easier time navigating the site. The search bar allows you to type in any term and get immediate results for every post that includes that term. For example, if you typed in “sculpture” you’d get only the sculpture posts.

Youtube videos are also here, but only for dance and music.

Have fun on the site!



  1. Hi! Just testing out the avatar . . .

  2. Very inciteful. Good countries for comparison as there are a lot of similarities between the two cultures. Very well done work.

  3. Interesting way to present your project. Cool idea. How did you think of it? Way to GO!

  4. awesome! how did you come up with that idea?

  5. Great job!!! It must have taken you a long time…

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