Posted by: gappossy | June 2, 2009

Greek Fashion

There is not much to say about Greek fashion.  There was a chiton, made of linen or wool, and it was pinned or sewn around the shoulders.  Over the chiton, Greeks drape a hard-wearing woolen cloak called a himation. The himation is very expensive. It is a sign of elegance to have your himation arranged properly–too short or people laugh at you, too long or it drags behind you.  Women wore ankle-length chitons dyed in bright colors.  When Greeks were home, they were barefoot, but when they were outside, they wore comfortable leather sandals.  Gross fact of the post: Greeks did not wear underwear. If they were cold, they just put on another chiton.

This is a chiton, pretty much what the greeks wore most of the time, unless they were fighting.

These are the comfortable sandals I was talking about earlier.


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