Posted by: gappossy | May 28, 2009

Masks of India and Greece

Believe it or not, masks are also a type of art.  Indians didn’t really use masks that much; they painted their face with bright colors instead, but masks were a big part of Greek theater.  The mouth-holes of the mask were large so the voices were amplified, and sometimes the scripts were written on the insides of the masks. Masks had large, exaggerated facial features and emotions, but the Indian “masks” also had exaggerated expressions.  (Well, the actors did).


A typical Greek mask, with exaggerated emotions, is shown here.

Two masks shown on a fresco.

A simple painting of the “comedy” and “tragedy” masks that are widely known today and first used by the ancient Greek.

Another Greek mask. Note the large mouth hole.

Another mask, notice the mouth hole again.

Another mask with exaggerated emotions.

An early mask of Dionysus.



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