Posted by: gappossy | May 28, 2009

Greek Architecture

Greeks used two types of columns mainly: the plain, undecorated Doric column and the slightly more detailed Ionic order. Greek temples were made out of marble, resembled houses, had a statue of the god or goddess inside, and had a colorful frieze on the outside. Treasuries in Greece looked basically like miniature temples. Indian constants in architecture included rock-cut buildings, brick, arches, wood, and stone.

A treasury at Delphi.

Another treasury at Delphi.

A side view of a rather well-preserved treasury.

The famous Parthenon, temple to Athena, in Athens.

A temple to Apollo.

Another less well-known temple to Athena.

The simpleĀ Doric column.

This is an Ionic column.

A temple of Apollo in Corinth.


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