Posted by: gappossy | May 28, 2009

Greek and Indian Theater

Greek and Indian theatre were very different. Greeks are famous for theatre while Indians are not.  Unlike Greek theater, Indian theater was probably performed on a simple stage.  Like the Greeks, plays were about myths and stories.  Greek theatre architecture was the same for all theatres, with a theatre cut into the hillside with semicircle seats. The types of theatre were comedy, tragedy, and satyr, which grew into the satire we know today, which was a type of theatre making fun of other things. Comedy was basically the main character going from a low place to a high place, the tragedy vice versa.

This is a typical Greek theater.

This is a beautiful view of the theater at Epidaurus by sunset.

This is the typical layout of a Greek Theater.

This is a side view of a Greek theatre.

Yet another Greek theater.

A theater framed by mountains in the background.

This is a carving of what goes on on the stage.

More pictures from a play.

A beautiful picture of the ruins of a Greek theater.

A scene from Aristophanes’ “Birds”.


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