Posted by: gappossy | May 28, 2009

Architecture of India

Indian architecture is not as well-known as Greek architecture. The Indians had three religions, unlike the Greeks. Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism all had very different temple styles, which led to lots of architectural diversity. Temples were generally made of stone and some had dome tops, unlike the Greeks.

This is a Hindu temple.

The intricately designed roof and entrance to a temple..

Another Hindu temple.

A carved panel from an Indian temple.

Another Hindu temple.

An ancient rock-cut village called Ellora with beautiful rock-cut cave temples. This is a Jain cave in Ellora.

Rock-cut architecture.

Another picture from Ellora.

Intricate architecture in Ellora.

Another part of Ellora.

A Buddhist stupa, a place of worship.

A stupa built by Ashoka at Sanchi.

A Guptan Hindu temple.







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