Posted by: gappossy | May 27, 2009

Indian and Greek Dance Forms

Indian dance was much more complex than Greek dance. Greeks mostly only danced in theatre. Indians, however, had several types of dance. There was the kathak, a classical dance from northern India that went from slow to fast and ended with a dramatic climax, the bharatanatyam, the national dance of India that is considered a fire-dance; the kuchipuri, a dance that shares many elements with bharatanatyam and is performed to classical Carnatic music; orissi or odissi, a dance distinguished by the independent movements of the head, chest, and pelvis; and the Manipuri, which incorporates the cymbals and drums in dance.


Kathak Dance

Bharatanatyam Dance

Kuchipuri Dance

Orissi/Odissi Dance

Manipuri Dance


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